A special flower for aches and relaxation

April 10, 2023

Passion flower is an herb that can be found in the southeastern United States forest edges. This calming plant is capable of reaching a height of 40 ft. It has brown red stems that can emerge from the roots that have alternated, lightly hairy leaves with serrated margins. The flowers are large and are very easy to identify, with a blue white crown of petals near the protruding pistils.

The leaves and flowers of this plant is what’s often used. The Native Americans used tea made from fresh or dried leaves and flowers as a mild sedative. The drink relieved stomach pain and gas and was used as an anticonvulsant for menstrual cramps. The crushed root infusion was used to treat earache and as a topical treatment for hemorrhoids. The root poultice was applied topically to wounds and skin inflammation.

More Benefits

Anxiety( Evidence from animal and human research suggests that supplementing with passion flower help in treating anxiety,insomnia, and nervous disorders.
Passion flowers anxiolytic effects are thought to be due to its impact on neurotransmitters, including GABA and dopamine. One study found that passion flower extract led to significant increases and dopamine levels.)

High blood pressure ( Extracts in passion flower increases levels of an antioxidant enzyme and decreases levels of oxidized lipids, these lipids are damaged from accumulated toxins and waste products.)

Eye problems ( Passion flower extract is great at treating eye strain and can do wonders as a nerve relaxer. It has also been known to relax the blood vessels in the eyes.)