An unusual miracle compound from sharks

November 14, 2022

This was once kept a mystery on how sharks stay at the very top of the food chain for hundreds of millions of years.

Dr.Zasloff of Geogetown University did some deep research studies on how amazing a sharks immune system can be…he found a key ingredient.

This is an extraordinary “golden particle” compound known as squalamine.

And according to Dr.Zasloff it’s unlike anything else that has ever been described or discovered.

This is because unlike vaccines, which need to be tailored specifically to each and every individual virus, squalamine works by exploring a weakness shared by every virus known to man-the need to feed.

This can be from something as ordinary as the common cold to something as fearful such as HIV, when a virus enters your cells, the first thing it does is feast on proteins which are positively charged in your cell walls in order to replicate and spread.

But once squalamine enters into a cell, it pops these proteins off without harming the cell, which now means the virus has nothing to feed off.

There is no other compound known to science that does this, squalamine is definitely a one of a kind protector for the body and its cells.

Squalamine has been lab-tested on some of the most deadliest viruses known to man, as proof of its effectiveness.

This amazing golden particle not only prevented, but killed off viruses such as dengue fever, yellow fever, and hepatitis A and D, just to name a few.

That’s right, there have been lab tests that shows squalamine can prevent and kill viruses that currently have no known vaccine !

Squalamine has been proven to be very effective in defending against and even eradicating over 194 different viruses in scientific lab test…And it has shown to work very fast! Studies have shown that squalamine can start working in just hours.

And you may be wondering, why haven’t I heard of squalamine? Just like with most natural breakthroughs, instead of being presented in its natural form, the pharmaceutical companies are rushing to create a synthesized version so they can cash in !

But now you can get squalamine in its natural form that shows the same type of results as done in lab test.

Squalamine Is generally found in shark liver oil supplements, which are available at are affiliate links at the bottom of the page.

          More health benefits

Anti cancer properties ( Shark liver oil has benefits of being a cancer fighting substance which is based on the extremely low incidence of cancer in sharks and supported by the oils high AKG and squalene contents. AkG is a type of fat inblood-forming organs, such as bone marrow the spleen, and liver.)

Heart Health ( Studies attribute that squalene has anti-artherosclerotic effects, meaning that it prevents or counter-attacks the buildup of plaque in your arteries, which is a risk factor for high blood pressure and stroke.)

Improves fertility ( Animal studies show that AkGs in shark liver oil may improve supermarket mobility and speed.)

Skin Health ( AKGs in shark liver oil may reduce injuries that can cause tissue damage, which may be caused by radiation therapy.)