Blessed Thistle amazing health benefits

April 25, 2023

Blessed Thistle which is also known as cnicus benedictus,holy thistle, folia cardui benedicti and other universal names is an medicinal herb that originates from the Mediterranean.

Blessed Thistle is a iron rich herb that has been used by Master Herbalists to treat the lungs and functioning of the heart, this herb has also been shown in research to improve blood flow to the brain, and also increase the brains oxygen supply while supporting its function.

This amazing herb has also been shown to stimulate lactation in nursing patients, it has compounds that can fight off bacterial infections in the body.

More Benefits

Liver protection ( Blessed Thistle stimulates the production of bile which assist in detoxification of the liver. This in turn leads to decreasing symptoms associated with poor liver function.)

Digestive Health ( Blessed Thistle is high in sesquiterpene lactose, such as cnicin, these lactose are reported to stimulate digestive activity by increasing the secretion of digestive enzymes which leads to improved digestion. )

Anti-inflammatory ( Blessed Thistle has been observed to decrease or completely cease inflammation and also helping to treat infections.)

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