Goldenseal: an overall natural remedy

January 8, 2023

Goldenseal is a medicinal plant, which is native to the Northeastern part of America. The roots and leaves have been used to treat a number of ailments, mainly when it comes to infections and colds.

In today’s time, Goldenseal is on top of the chart as one of the most popular herbal remedies used across the globe. The plant can be beneficial in many forms, such as teas, herbal extracts, or the capsules, which are all sources of the plant.

Goldenseal is an herb specifically for the mucous membranes. It thus finds itself useful in the treatment of congestion and chronic inflammation of the respiratory and urogenital tracts, catarrhal affliction of the nose and chronic gastritis and enteritis.
It has been used for catarrh of the bladder, hepatic congestion and has also been applied in conditions effecting eye inflammation.
Goldenseal sometimes finds use in the treatment of female problems relating to inflammation of the vagina, uterus and urethra.

When applied externally Goldenseal has shown to be an effective treatment for cracks in the skin and fissures such as those occurring in the nipples . Some have found Goldenseal useful in the treatment of indolent ulcers.

Goldenseal can also help reduce sugar in the blood when used in combination with Licorice. Myrrh may be used as an alternate, if low blood sugar is a problem.

Goldenseal has antimicrobial properties, there have been some studies that has shown its useful in treating microbial, bacteria, and gastritis.

There have been several reviewed studies on over 3,900 people that showed better outcomes when researchers provided participants berberine with antibiotics for infectious diarrhea, versus just antibiotics alone.

More Health Benefits

Insulin ( Goldenseal has been shown to work well with people who are diagnosed with diabetes. Studies have shown that berberine, which is considered one of Goldenseals main compounds, it may reduce sugar absorption from the gut, lower Insulin resistance and promote Insulin secretions.)

Coughs( Goldenseal is a well known natural treatment for upper respiratory tract infections and the common cold.)

Pancreas( Goldenseal lowers blood sugar levels and aids the Pancreas in general functioning. )

Skin Disorders ( When applied to skin disorders, such as rashes, ulcers, wound infections and various other conditions. The natural compounds in Goldenseal can bring healing to these conditions. )