One Vital Oil for your overall health

February 2, 2022

Black Seed Oil has a long time use for natural healing, and is well-known for the use in culinary. It has been used in Middle Eastern countries as a spice for pastries, dairy products, and even in the use of salads.

This phytochemical rich oil has been used topically and has been used orally to treat a wide variety of health ailments.

Black Seed Oil holds the presence of three natural chemicals: thymoquinone, Thermo hydroquinone, and thymol. The phytochemicals in this amazing oil hold the power of a triple threat, research has also shown that this can happen in combinations or individually. These phytochemicals have impressive effects against many of the pathogens and diseases that exist today, it also has a strong effect against inflammatory issues. This potent oil could also protect the health of many of our bodily organs.

The promise of Black Seed Oil treating certain health conditions, that may include high blood pressure and asthma. It has a strong antifungal effect against Candida albicans.

People can use Black Seed oil for two months when it comes to high blood pressure, it has been shown to reduce it down to normal levels. This works well when the correct diet and exercise is added to the program.

The use of Black Seed Oil has been shown to reduce high cholesterol. It is rich in healthy fatty acids that can help keep you with healthy cholesterol levels.

In the use of asthma Black Seed Oil may help to improve asthma symptoms by reducing inflammation in the airways and could also help with bronchitis symptoms. This oil is high in anti-inflammatory effects.

Black Seed Oil is it easy to take extremely effective at keeping the body healthy. The regular consumption of 100% Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil helps the body create more natural killer cells ( a.k.a. white blood cells ) these are the cells that seek out foreign Invaders in our bodies, such as viruses and kills them at source, so that you will not get them in the first place. It is always better to use this as a prevention measure, then having to deal with the unpleasant symptoms after the event has occurred.

When you are already suffering from a cold or flu Black Seed Oil can be used as a treatment. It helps your body create an improved immune system, it helps your body fight off the illnesses much more quicker. Black Seed Oil and Manuka Honey are also a fantastic combination to alleviate symptoms like a sore throat when they are combined together with tea. These healthy ingredients have a soothing effect and can bring relief to your entire body.

                 Additional Health Benefits

Strong Antioxidants ( Thymoquinone, the main bioactive compound of Black Seed Oil has been considered to be a strong antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti mutagenic agent. Research studies has also found when using Black Seed Oil for diabetes, it can potentially regulate blood sugar levels, while also enhancing pancreatic function.)

Breathing Disorders ( Nigellon and Thymoquinone are two of the most volatile compounds found in the black seed. Nigellon provide both antispasmodic and bronco dilating properties that add to the power of the black seed against breathing disorders.)

Skin Allergy ( Black Seed Oil acts as an Antihistamine which helps to reduce the allergy sufferers negative symptoms. Researchers have suggested that taking Black Seed Oil with vitamin E, beta carotene, and oral doses of biotin daily May improve symptoms and help people with itchy and inflamed skin.)